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Bob has been an inspiration to us all.  

At 94 years young (1919 - 2013) he successfully built 1.2 million dollar  investment portfolio after retireing as a science teacher.  

Bob has been an inspiration to us all.  At 94 years young (1919 - 2013) he successfully built an investment portfolio in his retirement.  
Although Bob was frugal hewas generious to family and those he found in need.


Bob worked as a Research Chemist and Chemical Engineer for Goodyear Atomic, Hughes Aircraft, and Autonetics.   He applied his experience as a 'Rocket Scientist' to the stock market. 

Bob did it the old fashion way. Every day like clock work he graphed each stock of interest (using linear functions on graph paper). He enjoyed Chemistry and received recognition for accomplishing what was previously thought impossible (reducing the semi conductor temperature for super chip conduction) as well as helping to put the first man on the moon.

As a voracious reader Bob maintained his current knowledge of the market through the sources like the Investors Business Daily and The Daily Business Report NPR.  His prize stock was Brookshire Hathaway with blue chips like Coca Cola, Disney, IBM adding substantial value.  

We are going to miss you Bob


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